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What is Sticky-Picks™?

Sticky-Picks™ is a specially formulated solution designed to help hold on thumb and finger picks while performing or practicing on many types of stringed instruments.

Why was Sticky-Picks™ invented?

Worrying about your picks falling off during a show, can lead to a less than top-notch performance. Even if playing music is just a hobby, you will enjoy it far more without thinking about your picks popping off. Now there’s Sticky-Picks™…and the confidence it provides.

Who would use Sticky-Picks™?

Any musician, whether professional or a home player, who plays Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Harp, or Chet Atkins style guitar, will love Sticky-Picks™…and the confidence it provides.

How do you apply Sticky-Picks™?

Simple! Just watch this video!