Frequently Asked Questions


Why do finger picks seem to fall off for some people and yet stay on for others?

It is definitely a physical issue. Hand shapes are unique, so pick fitting is sometimes difficult.  Fingers are tapered. Skin moisture and texture differ from person to person. Moisture retention changes all the time. It’s true, some days your picks may stay on better than other days. Temperature changes affect your ability to fit the pick properly to the finger. The reason Sticky-Picks™ is so effective is that it bonds the pick to the finger, creating a feeling similar to your natural fingernail.

Does Sticky-Picks™ work for everyone?

Everyone who has tried Sticky-Picks™ has given an excellent response to the product. We would welcome any feedback about your experience with our Sticky-Picks™.

Does Sticky-Picks™ work with any brand of finger or thumb picks?

Sticky-Picks™ works well with the most popular brands. If you are using a nylon style thumb pick, it may not bond as well because of the oil substance in nylon.

Does Sticky-Picks™ leave a residue?

When Sticky-Picks™ evaporates it leaves no residue.

How did you come up with the invention of Sticky-Picks™?

My wife Terry and I tried many formulas before we came up with this great product.  Our testing also produced the perfect applicator. It allows just the right amount of solution to “keep your picks on”!

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