09/15/2013 - "I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. I must wear my picks so tight to keep them in place that the little holes dig into my skin. And hurt after a little while. Being retired, my fingers are very soft and picks are hard to keep on with my hands not being callus. I, like a lot of people, wet my fingers, but they are still so tight they hurt. Knowing Wayne for long time, I knew if he said it works great, it would.

So after trying it, and every time I used Sticky-Picks, I loosen my picks a little more. And now they feel like they are part of me. I am a big fan of Wayne’s, and now I’m a big fan of Sticky-Picks….."

Danny Hammers
Floral City, Florida 


"I just tried a new product called “Sticky Picks.” This stuff is absolutely fantastic. My fingers tend to be a little slippery from sweat and oils, etc. I’ve also had years of issues where my finger picks slip around on my finger. I’ve gotten so used to picks moving around that I gave it no thought. I just keep re-positioning my picks, sliding them around, sometimes during a song! This Sticky Pick is not only completely effective to use, but it has got to be the easiest solution to a nagging players issue that I’ve ever seen. You just put some of this liquid on your fingers, put the picks on while the stuff is still wet and in 30-60 seconds, your pick is rock solid and won’t move. But then, you just pull the pick off when your done. I don’t know how these folks managed this “magic” but for the insignificant cost of $13.95 for a bottle, which will last a long, long , long time, this stuff is one of the greatest breakthroughs for players that I ‘ve seen. It works great on plastic and metal finger and thumb picks. I can’t recommend this stuff too highly. If you want picks to stay on your fingers and thumb like they never have, just try a bottle of this stuff and you’ll see, it’s just like magic!"
Barry Hunn
Deering Worldwide Sales Manager

"Wayne i just sat and tryed you sticky picks and i did not slip one pick thank you for puting this out for us pickers" -Paul David Bach

"Wayne, I keep a supply of Sticky-Picks here at the recording studio for use by our artists and session players. Everyone raves about how well it works. They play with more confidence and subsequently get the job done in fewer takes. You have a great product! Congratulations!" -Dean Vincent, Studio D

"Hello, My name is Billy Robinson and I have played Steel Guitar my whole life. I have been on hit records, played on the Grand Old Opry many years, and I'm proud to be a member of the prestigious "Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame". I have always had trouble holding my picks on all these years and I found nothing that could solve this problem until now with Sticky-Picks. This is a GREAT product and is a must for anyone who use's Thumb & Finger picks. Thanks Wayne for Sticky-Picks a SUPER product. -Billy Robinson

"Hi, I was reading some of the testimonies and I would like to add and express my thanks for Wayne in putting out such a GREAT product called Sticky-Picks. It does exactly what it was designed to do which holds your finger & thumb picks on while playing. My name is L T Zinn and I'm a member of the "Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame". Thanks Wayne." -L T Zinn


The following were posted in the Steel Guitar Forum (www.steelguitarforum.com)

"All I can say is, if you have ANY trouble keeping your finger or thumb picks on, this product is a must for you. Keep your same picks and just touch a little of this product to your fingers. Walla, your picks stay in place. Give it a try." -Bill Ferguson

"Just wanted to make sure that everyone who uses Finger Picks, knows about Sticky Picks. Invented by famous PSG player Wayne Hobbs Apply to your finger tips with the easy applicator bottle, and within just a few seconds your picks are on tight. I was finding myself scrambling to get them off the floor or snagging the back of my pick on a string and loosing them. NO MORE! This stuff works great, and leaves no residue at all. Check it out at... http://sticky-picks.com/" -Howard Smith

"I've been using Wayne's "Sticky Picks" for about 2 weeks now and it works just as advertised. I couldn't keep my thumb pick from shifting no matter what size or shape the pick might be. Sticky Picks has solved that problem forever. It comes in an easy to use applicator bottle. Just rub the applicator top over your fingers and in a couple of seconds your picks are set for the evening. Sticky Picks doesn't leave any residue or smell. When you need to remove your picks, they will come right off with a gentle tug. This is a great new product that I am really pleased with." -William Gothard

"I tried it for the first time last nite and it works PERFECT!! great stuff! Hats off to my friend Wayne Hobbs for a great product!!!" -Junior Knight

"Got a chance to try out Sticky Picks tonight and not only do they make the picks stay on better, but seem to improve tone because you don't have to be tentative when picking the strings giving a more solid contact...great product" -Dave Bertoncini

"... WOW! ... I just completed an almost six hour set of practicing on my steel and not only did the Sticky Picks keep my picks firmly in place, it was very comfortable and didn't give me that "glued on" feeling like Rosin-It did all those years ago. I am so impressed! This stuff is great and I really feel more gratitude than I can possibly express to Wayne & Terry Hobbs for coming up with this wonderful product. Very Happy! Wayne and I have corresponded a bit in emails the past two or three days and he is a super guy. I highly recommend Sticky Picks for anyone who has difficulty keeping their picks on. Wayne, if you happen to read this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for coming up with this product! It really is, for me, an answer to prayer!" -Jim Lindsey

"I purchased a bottle of Sticky picks for my 83 year father. He loves to play his steel but has a challenge keeping his picks on. Before I gave him his bottle, I tried it myself. I relunctantly gave Pop his bottle and immediately ordered a bottle for myself. Yes, I have always licked my fingers in the past to make my picks secure but-------this stuff is the bomb. I love it. Great product!" -Sid Hudson

"I see and have tried many new products folks have made for steel guitar player and I must say sticky picks is great!! Wayne has hit a home run on this product mighty fine stuff" -Mike Archer

"Well ive used sticky picks now for 2 weeks. it is a top notch product they wont come off untill you pull them off as stated in the ad. As for picks coming off I have artritis in my fingers so swelling is an issue for me. I use JN picks they are pre bent. ive used them for as long as he has sold them just these lasy few years have I had the loose deal going on, so im sold on sticky picks for good.... -Mike Archer